Fit Box Personal Training - Extraordinary Transformations
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You wake up less than refreshed, and your energy levels are down. You feel you’ve neither the time nor desire to exercise or eat as well as you should. Life – generally - might be fine, but that nagging voice in your head says that it’s gone a bit ‘flabby’…

You start to become aware of your improved physical condition, and feel unmistakably healthier. The transformation is well under way - your commitment is delivering the goods. People are beginning to notice the change.. and you feel quite proud of yourself.

You just look good, and clearly comfortable in your own, healthy skin. You feel less stress, and your posture conveys a revitalised confidence. You’re in full control of your lifestyle. You’ve challenged yourself and not been found wanting. It’s a satisfaction that can’t be bought…


Lack of sustained motivation is one of the main reasons most people remain out of physical/mental shape if they begin to slide. To bolster that motivation, our body transformations are strongly goal-orientated. We regularly track your progress, and work together to a deadline.


Body transformation is a holistic process: not just training, not just diet… but both together. After subjecting you to an essential 2-week detox, we prepare a personalised nutrition plan. And combine this with guidance on sleep and rest, hydration, stress-management, and 3 hours per week of one-to-one training with weights.


Constant encouragement is vital to your successful body transformation. Our course is a challenge, both physically and mentally, and we provide continual support in both areas. If not there in person, we’re available on the end of the phone. Reminding you of why you enrolled, of the rewards you’ll reap from your efforts, and guiding you through the tough bits!


Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon... must inevitably come to pass!
Paul J. Meyer